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Shot at The Saint in Asbury Park!

Ever since George Romero first turned people on to the horrors of the living dead back in 1968, the zombie genre has had a grip on pop culture.  Through film, print, television, video games, and even anime, “walkers,” as they are sometimes called, are ever-present on the modern entertainment landscape.

The abundance of media featuring re-animated corpse antagonists makes it hard to produce a work about zombies that comes across as truly original but Jeff Crespi found a way.  The well known local Rock photographer had a vision for a new type of zombie film and teamed with D.I.Why Films to make it a reality. “Zombie Rocks” is an apocalyptic love story featuring a seriously imaginative catalyst for an undead apocalypse:  a camera. Perhaps it is not just the tool, but rather the photography skills of the wielder, Jeff Crespi, that allows him to become the harbinger or armageddon. Everything he photographs becomes a zombie. It’s an interesting concept that could arguably be adapted into a larger work.

Speaking of photography skills, you can check out all of Jeff’s work at  Jeff is available for hire and can be reached at 732-580-6684. Learn more about D.I. Why Films at

Check out “Zombie Rocks”!