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Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

Headlining The Electric Ballroom’s 20th Anniversary Show at House Of Independents in Asbury Park on Sunday 12/30!

Electric Ballroom host Keith Roth refers to December 30th as “New Years Eve Eve” and based on what he has planned for 12/30, that date may be more of a main event than ringing in the New Year.  The Electric Ballroom will celebrate its 20th Anniversary that evening with a killer show headlined by Monster Magnet. Blue Coop (featuring members of Blue Oyster Cult and The Alice Cooper Group), The Ribeye Brothers, Naughty Clouds, and Keith Roth’s band Frankenstein 3000 are also on the stacked bill.  It all goes down at the 500-seat House Of Independents, a rising venue not only on the Asbury scene, but in the entire Northeast.

Monster Magnet has been a mainstay on the Electric Ballroom throughout the show’s run.  It is very fitting that the renowned Red Bank rockers will take time out of their world tour to headline The Ballroom’s 20th Anniversary show.  It is a rare opportunity at an intimate venue that should not be missed.

Tickets are $35.00 and are available at!

Monster Magnet’s 10th studio album “Mindf*cker” is out now.  To avoid trouble with the FCC the album has been called “Mindsucker” when being played on the air on the Electric Ballroom. The band describes the release as “a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of beat music.”  It’s full of psychedelic vibes and driving power. You can score a digital download on all streaming platforms and a physical copy at Check out the album page at for all purchasing options.

The video for the title track off of Monster Magnet’s latest release is a straightforward power trip.  Featuring the band rocking behind a number of changing backdrops, “Mindf*cker” just might mess with your mind a little.  Check it out!