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“Reckless Abandon” album out now!

Local guitar hero Kenny Dubman recently put out a brand new track and accompanying music video, dedicated to the late, great Chris Cornell.  “Off The Leash” deals with the theme of depression, something Winston Churchill referred to as “the black dog” sitting on his lap.  Kenny did some research beyond the writings of Churchill and found the term “black dog” to be a recurring metaphor for depression throughout history.  From there he developed the chorus to his new song:

“  That black dog, is off the leash again

Runnin’ through those old familiar streets again

Now the devil’s on the loose, inside your head again

One more time “

“Off The Leash” is a pure, powerful Hard Rock Tune, with a clear message.  It is fitting tribute to the memory of Chris Cornell and echoes with personal sentiment.  Listening to the track, it really feels as though Kenny Dubman has kicked things up a notch with his latest composition.  That fact may be due in part to the way in which Dubman empathizes with Cornell’s struggle, something he spoke of regarding the creation of the video:

The video for “Off The Leash” was shot on location at the now defunct Essex County Hospital in Belleville, NJ.  The complex was constructed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and served primarily as a mental institution.  Dubman chose the location because he wanted the video’s backdrop to be an old mental hospital.  The location adds to what is already a strong music video.  Performing at the front of the main building, the cinematographer makes use of a number of camera angles and a drone.  The result is a work that highly compliments what is already a great track.  The video also preserves the image of a historic site, which may not be around much longer.

Kenny Dubman’s “Reckless Abandon” album is out now.  You can score a copy HERE.

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Check out the video for “Off The Leash”: