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11 Places In New Jersey To Get Comforting Grilled Cheese

11 Places In New Jersey To Get Comforting Grilled Cheese, that's a comforting thought. There are few things better than a melty grilled cheese sandwich. It is quite possibly one of the most comforting foods on the planet. Eating a grilled cheese sandwich is a rite of passage for every child born in the United States of America. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hasn’t eaten at least one grilled cheese sandwich during their childhood. I’ve eaten more grilled cheese sandwiches than I can count during my life. When accompanied by a hot bowl of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, grilled cheese seemed to have made all of my boo-boos feel better and made any sadness I endured as a child go away. As an adult, I’ve upped my grilled cheese game. Instead of eating my grilled cheese made from Kraft Singles wrapped in those plastic sheets, my adult idea of grilled cheese has evolved. I have incorporated a variety of cheeses that I’d never even considered eating as a child. For instance, in recent years, I’ve made grilled cheese with creamy Brie cheese and added sliced apples, fig jam, and pepper jelly on sourdough bread. I’ve also graduated to using a cast iron skillet rather than using my mother’s old Farberware stainless steel skillet. Cast Iron grilled cheese sandwiches are where it’s at. I’ve also experimented using a few different fats to coat the bread before it hits the pan. I’ve used mayonnaise instead of butter, and it works quite well. Some Grilled Cheese Facts According to “Grilled cheese” didn’t actually become common until the 1960’s. Before then, these delicious sandwiches were better known as “melted cheese” or “toasted cheese”. Whatever you want to call them, they all invoke a mouthwatering craving for this ultimate comfort food combination of melty cheese and bread. Some renditions of grilled cheese sandwiches have been around for centuries with recipes even appearing in ancient Roman texts. The French started making their own croque monsieur in the early 1900’s. Things really started cooking (pun intended) when James L. Kraft received a patent for his pasteurization process of cheese which allowed it to be transported without spoiling. Soon after, Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented an automatic bread slicer that produced even slices in the 1920’s in Missouri.   List Of Top All You Can Eat Buffets In New Jersey April is Grilled Cheese Month. Each year, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is on April 12th and recognizes one of the top comfort foods in the United States. So let us salute one of the world’s most perfect comfort foods with a list of places in the great state of New Jersey who make some of the best.    

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