WRAT’s Shore Awards

Pete & Elda's Bar / Carmen's Pizzeria

The Steal clan loaded up the SUV and headed to one of our favorite local hangs, and double Shore Award winner, Pete & Elda’s Bar / Carmen’s Pizzeria on Route 35 in Neptune City.

4 things I love about this place BESIDES the great food. First off, it’s got this cool and weird old time feel to it, like you stepped back in time, even some of the waitresses seem like they could be right out of 1971 let alone 2021.

Our waitress, D.J. was a hoot by the way. Loved her. The next thing that always amuses me is, if you are in the main dining room (I’ll call it) and you have your back to the bar, you face the kitchen. It looks like the kitchen is down a step or two and they people just keep coming and coming up with these pizzas! Lol it’s like non stop on a Saturday night!

Another thing I really enjoy about this joint is the bar. On this trip I sat at a table with the family, but PnE’s has one of the coolest configured wrap around bars anywhere at the shore. I dunno, I think it’s cool.. and the last thing I wanted to mention is, I love coming with my wife, because she NEVER orders the pizza. Never. She always gets a menu dinner or sometimes a special. It reminds me that this place is a great restaurant not just a pizza place. This time she got the Chicken Bruschetta. Ok, I had a bite!. They have a ton, and I mean a ton of stuff on the menu. A bunch of sauces for their wings too.

I had the buffalo ranch on my wings (D.J. the waitress recommended it). But the people come for what won them Best Thin Crust in the 2021 Shore Awards, and Best Pizza Place. Oh and no, I didn’t go for the T-shirt and try and eat their Triple XL or whatever it’s called. Maybe next time.

I included a few pics of our night. Sorry everyone grabbed the pizza and I only got a one slice shot!