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The past 12 months have been tough on local businesses… heck, let’s face it incredibly rough on all of us.  So your Jersey Shore lovin’ rock and rollers have invented a cool way for you to show what local businesses, places, and people are the Jersey Shore’s Best!

Welcome to the first ever: Shore Awards! Winners of a WRAT Shore Award get a very cool spotlight on-air and on our station socials:  sure to be seen and heard by everyone!

The Shore Awards arent just a game:  They’re a serious way for you to show love for the people who work hard to keep you going throughout these times!

Here’s what you do to get started:  Check out the categories that we’re starting with and nominate your favorite businesses on the Jersey Shore.  Then… get anyone and everyone you know to vote for your nominees.  There are tons of categories so there’s sure to be something that you know a perfect nominee for!  So… get ready, get set:  NOMINATE!

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