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Jersey Rock Earbuds Mixtape Available Now!

When was the last time you had an analog audio experience that was truly rad to the max? We’re proud to announce the arrival of The Jersey Rock Earbuds Mixtape!  95.9 The Rat teamed with In The Clouds to produce this totally bodacious compilation featuring tracks from 8 different Jersey Rock bands.  It sounds gnarly and looks like it was delivered via plutonium-powered DeLorean straight from Miami circa 1985!

The Jersey Rock Mixtape is part of In The Clouds Earbuds Cassette Series.  It is the 5th volume to date. Each month In The Clouds puts out a tape featuring a playlist of great bands with designs by a diverse array of visual artists.   The company also offers a number of services for bands including vinyl pressing and promotional material generation. In The Clouds seeks to create a community of musicians and visual artists working together to share their creativity with the world.  When they approached us about cultivating a cassette featuring a cross section of the Jersey Rock scene, we were happy to oblige!

The Jersey Rock Earbuds Mixtape straddles the genres of Rock, Punk, Funk, Folk, Blues, and Metal.  It features tracks from:

The Vansaders

Reality Suite

The Skullers

Levy & The Oaks

Frankenstein 3000

The Ones You Forgot

Experiment 34

Dark Sky Choir

You can score your own copy of The Jersey Rock Earbuds Mixtape now at!

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