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Richard Dreyfuss Not Happy With New ‘JAWS’ Play On Broadway & He Blames Steven Spielberg

The Shark is Broken is a new hit play on Broadway and it looks really good.  It tells the story of the making of Jaws...Steven Spielberg's breakthrough movie from 1975 which became simply legendary.  Jaws became the first film ever to make over $100 million at the box office and made Spielberg a household name. Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with the play's success.  One of the original stars of the movie, Richard Dreyfuss (who marine biologist Hooper) has been critical of the drama...saying that it has portrayed Dreyfuss as a jerk.  Apparently, there are scenes of Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw (Quint) fighting and Dreyfuss doesn't like it. And he's blaming Spielberg, who he says perpetrated the rumor that Dreyfuss and Shaw hated each other all those years ago.  Says Dreyfuss: "I have enormous respect for Steven's talent as a director.  I guess I don't have as much for his talent as a friend." BAM!  Sounds like fightin' words!  Regardless, I gotta see this play!  Jaws rules!    

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