It’s Page Nine…with East Side Dave  

(95.9 The Rat’s parody of sleezy celebrity websites)


George & Amal Clooney (Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)


Oh my, dear readers!   I’ve got some delicious new dirt for you!

George Clooney may own a Hollywood penthouse…but the A-lister is currently living in the husband doghouse!

Apparently, George’s wife Amal has been watching old episodes of ER…and she is disgusted by Clooney’s character (Doug Ross) and his womanizing ways!

Sources are saying that Amal is none-too-pleased by Doug’s innate ability to pick up the chicks!

Oooh-la-la!   Hey, Amal!   Dr. Dave is here and I have your diagnosis…looks like you have a bad case…of jealousy!!

This has been another edition of Page Nine!   And remember to keep it on the QT…and very hush-hush!

– East Side Dave  

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