WRAT’s Shore Awards

This past Saturday my daughter, her boyfriend and I ventured into one of the hottest and most crowded restaurants around, our Shore Award Winner for Top Brunch Destination, The Brownstone Pancake Factory, on Cedar Bridge Avenue in Brick.

It’s located in the building of one of my favorite taverns, Jack and Mike’s Brickhouse that I think was a casualty of the Pandemic. I have to say, this place in no way will remind you of the Brickhouse. It is bright and breakfasty, with a sea foam green color scheme and giant floor to ceiling fake newspaper clippings about the history of the place and it’s owners, ect.

Mind you the history is very real – a subway car sized diner in the 70’s in Newport Rhode Island was where the beginning for Owner Peter and his wife Irene and family. From there they opened the first Brownstone in Edgewater, then another in Englewood Cliffs, and finally the Jersey Shore’s own Factory right in Brick.

I had a Carnitas Quinoa Bowl with poached eggs (I know, sooo brunchy). My daughter went with a traditional eggs, sausage potatoes dish, while her boyfriend Zak got a what can best be described as a giant bacon egg and cheese on a…gigantic PANCAKE!

There is a lot to eat here and a lot to watch, from the VW Microbus to the Pancake Making Station. If you don’t mind the wait and the crowd, you should check it out for yourself!! It really is the Brunch talk of the town!

WINNERS: WRAT’s Shore Awards 2022