WRAT’s Shore Awards

For lunch today I decided to take the 13 minute drive from the Rat to the Shore Award Winner for Best Pork Roll Sandwich, the legendary Allenwood General Store.

Here’s the thing about AGS, it’s always busy. ALWAYS. From Morning til 4pm there’s always people ordering or browsing. And there is a lot of stuff to browse in that antique section in the back.

I thought the candies were cool, myself. Lots of old school stuff like Big League Chew, Turkish Taffy, and a full array of Charles Chips straight outta Neptune! Of course the sandwiches are the star and none bigger than the Pork Roll Egg And Cheese, the Shore Award Winner!

I legit went in there planning on not ordering it, but when it was my turn, I gave into my belly and went with a pork roll and American on my gluten free bread.

SPK baby! If you’re not a pork roll fan, there are only about FIVE MILLION other options for sandwiches! So drive the car, take the bike, bring the kids, and come to a true piece of the Jersey Shore and a Shore Award Winner, The Allenwood General Store.