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My friend Rockin Robyn is always telling me to make my own this and make my own that. From stocks, to sauces I’m always hearing it from Betty Rocker”. Well If I had the culinary skill and passion she did, I probably would. I say all of this because Robyn has on more than one occasion popped into my head when I make a homemade bbq sauce. Nothin’ fancy, just some ketchup molasses, maybe some garlic, mustard, spices, brown sugar, a little W sauce, then heat her up and cook her down. Boom, your run of the mill Q-sauce.

However I’m not a run of the mill guy. That’s why I like to find small batch bbq sauces and try them in different applications. And I was shocked to find out how many amazing bbq sauces are made and distributed right here in New Jersey! I mean, it’s not like we’re in the deep south, mid west, or Texas! Nope, the home of Pork Roll has some great sauces rolling out of it!

Now, when it comes to bbq sauce, there are three styles I like in particular. First is the classic vinegar based clear sauce from North Carolina.  However I’m also a big fan of the Carolina Gold, mustard based sauce that is popular in South Carolina. While still another favorite of mine is a good thin Memphis style bbq sauce. Something that works well on ribs as well as pulled chicken or pork.

Be that as it may, I have no problem with Kansas City style sauce, which is the thick dark sugary sauce you find most in the supermarket. It’s fun, and classic, and goes with just about anything. Meanwhile, here in New Jersey, fine folks are making all kinds of bbq sauces. Just check it out!