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I’m a huge wing guy. Have been for over 30 years. Bone in, sauce on, hot, spicy, sweet, whatever. Bring it on. However my Wife is not a wing person. She’ll do a boneless wing now and again, but overall, not her thing. Meanwhile, she does enjoy Buffalo Chicken Dip. It gives her all the flavor of a wing, without the fuss muss and mess of a sauce slathered flat or drum.

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings

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Lately we’ve been trying some of our favorite different spots specifically for their Buffalo Chicken Dip as an our appetizer. Meanwhile, we’ve been asking our friends and relatives about some of their favorites as well. What we found is there is a wide and varied amount of places that make the cut throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

How it’s made.

While there are a zillion different variations, making this list possible, there is a basic recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip. Furthermore,  it almost always involves three main ingredients; Shredded or diced chicken, cream cheese, and varying degrees of spice, usually in the form of some hot sauce. I’ve included this Instagram recipe below, as it is simple, easy to follow, and includes a great hot sauce everyone seems to love, Frank’s Red Hot.


You can find more recipes from Frank’s Red Hot here: https://www.franksredhot.com/en-us/recipes/franks-redhot-buffalo-chicken-dip

Moreover, the additions that make a restaurant or bar’s Buffalo Chicken Dip a fan favorite or local legend can get really out there. From Blue Cheese crumbles, to tomatoes, to jalapenos, ranch dressing, and even veggies! Speaking of veggies, that brings us to our next part of the Buffalo Chicken Dip experience:

The dip delivery vessel!

The last place I went to used strong, multi colored and flavored tortilla chips. I’m a big fan of this. A strong corn tortilla chip can do all the heavy lifting, literally, that is needed for a successful delivery of such a weighty dip as Buffalo Chicken. Meanwhile some places use vegetables to dip and deliver your gameday semi liquid chicken. Carrots and celery sticks are the most obvious choice, with thick cut bell peppers and cucumbers also being seen. Plus, the cool veggies can put the fire out, so to speak.

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sometimes the problem with Buffalo Chicken Dip is that it’s so easy to eat, sometimes you can overdo it and intake more spice than you normally would eat with a plate of wings. As my wife says “It’s so good, but it catches up with you!”

Philadelphia Hosts The 17th Annual Wing Bowl

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Here are some great places, in no particular order, doing a fine Buffalo Chicken Dip here at the Jersey Shore!

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