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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by 600 Main Street in Toms River and never thought about it’s history. Pure ignorance on my part for sure. What really reminded me that I should visit and take in all of it’s history, tranquility, and magnificence, were all the ads popping up on my social media pages. It’s like my angels are trying to reach me and remind me that this place, just a few miles from my home, is there to enjoy.

It’s called Mathis House and it’s history can be found on the website:

According to their website, the house was constructed in 1898 for a local businessman, and was quickly recognized as an outstanding example of Colonial Revival architecture. However, because of its lavish over-sized windows, grand porch and detailed ornamentation, it appears distinctively Victorian, and the flavor of that era has been maintained at this stately mansion ever since.

The house was purchased by Mr. Mathis for his wife and one son, who later loaned the home the nickname, “The Mathis House”. Thomas A. Mathis, also known as Captain Tom for his many accomplishments on the seas, resided in the house through a political career that spanned some 50 years.

The mansion is 8500 square feet and has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. It’s really a beautiful piece of architecture that serves as one of the top 10 Tea Rooms in the state of New Jersey.

The Mathis House isn’t for just for an overnight stay, it’s got a regular schedule of activities and events.

For Instance, this month there’s a murder mystery dinner experience, a wedding show for brides and grooms to be, trivia night, a romantic Italian dinner night, Elvis night, and a ladies night dinner.

Let’s not forget about the special Tea Room events.  Afternoon tea and tea sandwiches and scones with your friends and family visiting from out of town, a day out with the girls,

or just a lovely way to spend an afternoon with the one you love.  The Tea Room is open Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 4 pm.

Reservations are suggested to be made in advance by calling 732-818-7580.  Same day reservations may be made subject to availability.

For a full schedule of 2022 events, log on to: