Your favorite comedies have you covered this Halloween. From cartoon classics like It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Bob’s Burgers to spooky specials of cult-favorite comedies like The Office and Friends, no need to be scared as these will keep you laughing all night long. Check out where to watch your favorite shows this Halloween.


  •  It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

    The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween as Linus waits for the arrival of the “Great Pumpkin.” Stream this episode on Apple TV+.

  • The Office — Halloween

    Michael is pressured by corporate to fire someone, which puts a damper on the office Halloween party. Stream this episode on Peacock!

  • Friends — The One with the Halloween Party

    Monica and Chandler decide to throw a Halloween party. Phoebe runs into her twin sister dressed as Ursula and her fiancé Eric on the street and in exchange for an invite to their wedding, she invites them to the Halloween party. Stream this episode on HBO Max!

  • Parks and Recreation — Greg Pikitis

    Leslie detains her Halloween nemesis Greg Pikitis in an attempt for justice. Stream this episode on Peacock!

  • Black-ish — Jacked O'Lantern

    Guest-starring Michael Strahan. Dre’s nieces and nephews come over to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. Dre faces his cousin Junebug who used to bully him. Stream this episode on Hulu!

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm — Trick or Treat

    Larry offends trick-or-treaters so they decide to show him the “trick” side of Halloween.  Stream this episode on HBO Max!

  • Brooklyn 99 — HalloVeen

    Pick your favorite Halloween Heist episode with the 99th Precinct. Stream these episodes on Peacock!

  • 30 Rock — Stone Mountain

    Jack forces Liz to travel to Georgia to find actors that represent the “Real America.” Tracy Jordan fears for his life after two celebrities die and believe he’s next because of the “group of threes” and Jenna makes friends with the writers. Stream on Hulu and Netflix!

  • Bob's Burgers — The Hauntening

    The Belchers are preparing for a spooky Halloween. After Louise declares she’s never been scared before, Bob and Linda decide to take her to a haunted house. Stream this episode on Hulu!

  • New Girl — Keaton

    Jess throws a Halloween party but her best friend Cece won’t come if Schmidt is invited. The boys create a diversion to keep Cece and Schmidt apart by having him meet his idol, Michael Keaton. Stream this episode on Netflix!

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