This dad (Father of the Year) built his daughter a 50-foot pirate ship for Halloween.

Tony DeMatteo of New York says that he has no background in ship-building, but enjoys the excitement his decorations bring to his children.

Inspired by his daughter’s request for a “Pirates of the Caribbean” display a few years back (which he obliged to with a small ship), DeMatteo revealed a 50-foot pirate ship in time for Halloween.

According to DeMatteo, the ship cost about $3,000 to make and used second-hand material and hand-made props.

Visitors who wanted to marvel at the display were encouraged to bring canned goods and other donations for people in the community.

Here's a sample video with cannons firing and an explosion!! It does not even compare to seeing it in person.More...

Posted by Tony DeMatteo on Wednesday, October 28, 2020