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With this being the traditional week off for many schools in the region, due to Election Day, Teacher Conventions, Veterans Day, ect, many families are road tripping. Along with games of Eye Spy, unscheduled bathroom breaks, and of course, traffic, there are plenty of in car meals! However, it’s the in between meal snacking that is most prevalent on the All American Road Trip.

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Snacking on a road trip is as much a part of the event as the drive itself. Furthermore, and parent knows, plenty of snacks can be the difference between satisfied, calm, and quiet kids, and absolute, unadulterated chaos.

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Picking the right snacks is paramount!

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Candy and chips have their place. However, as we all know, too much of a good time does not make for a good outcome. Sugary snacks should be limited. One of the items on this list is my family’s personal road trip favorite, and while considered a candy, it’s lower in sugar than most sweets, and can be utilized for long term satisfaction. Chips are another slippery slope. Generally too much salt and fat, but there’s another problem. Takis, Cheetos, and bbq chips all leave little fingers filthy and are a car seat nightmare. Gum, while usually long lasting can also be a demon for a cars upholstery.

Trying to keep it healthy.

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Many fruits and veggies are a healthy way to go, along with items like hummus and peanut butter for dipping. Popcorn can be hit or miss. Kids get it stuck in their throats, and at the end of the trip it’s all over your car floor. But let’s be honest, at the end of a road trip, you know you’ll be taking that ride in for a full detail job anyway.

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Here are some great road trip snacks for you and your family to enjoy while you travel parts of our wonderful country. Hey look! It’s a Delaware License Plate!

Eating An Apple

  • Twizzlers. The Hersey Company

    First produced in 1929, Twizzlers are almost as old as the automobile itself! Only the black ones are real licorice, however the strawberry flavor accounts for 70 percent of sales. Oh, and my family’s favorite road trip snack!


  • Slim Jims. Conagra Foods

    This mystery meat stick was introduced the same year as Twizzlers! 1929, in Philadelphia. There are 21 varieties of Slim Jim, and 569 million are produced annually. Plus, who could forget those legendary Macho Man commercials?


  • String Cheese. Polly-O

    American String Cheese as we know if was first invented in 1976, although it was widely eaten worldwide well before that. Polly-O is the number one Mozzarella String Cheese producer in the US. However, any good cheese stick makes for a great road trip snack.


  • Premade PB&J Sandwiches

    They’re easy, don’t need refrigeration, and who doesn’t love em? Well unless you have a peanut allergy, but still. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandos just may be the closest thing to fine dining road trip food. Just go easy with the jelly, or dad my have sticky hands on the wheel.

  • Kirkland Trail Mix. Costco

    Our own Robyn Lane’s personal favorite road trip snack! However, even the Rocker admits the trip from the bag to the mouth can be a precarious one. So many goodies in one handful though, we have to agree. Its not just for hiking you hippies!


  • Big's Sunflower Seeds. Big's Company

    This one is all me. My personal favorite road trip snack, without question. I used to be a David’s guy. However, I do find the overall quality and flavor variety better with Big’s.

    My personal favorite? DILL PICKLE! Yep, just always have some water and a spit cup close by!

  • Munchkins. Dunkin

    I asked our super intern Sarah, and she really thought hard. In the end she went back to her inner child and remembered the good ol’ donut hole treats as her favorite back seat pacifier.

  • Altoids Mints

    Hey don’t knock em. These things are addicting, and as a former smoker, I can tell you they come in handy. Most people love the original Peppermint, but don’t sleep on those Spearmint ‘Toids!

  • Tootsie Pop and Charms Blow Pop. Tootsie Roll Industries.

    The Tootsie Pop has been keeping mouths busy since the 30s. Meanwhile, invented in 1966, the Blow Pop immediately became Charm’s number one selling item. If you’re of a certain age, you probably spent hours with one of these two icons in your mouth on a long car ride, thinking about Mr. Owl and his suspicious count…

  • Babybel Cheese. The Bel Group (France)

    These round little imports are not only fun to eat, but fun to unwrap with their wax packaging. I have chewed on the wax. Yes I have.

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