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“We’re talking about things we’ve never talked about before… Sometimes, you can’t play it safe.”

Ok, so we know that Shinedown writes songs that matter.  They try to have an impact on what we’re talking about and how we relate to each other.  It’s part of why we like this band so much.

And… it’s why I like to talk to them about their art so much.  Brent Smith (lead singer) is so passionate about his band and what they can do with the platform they’ve earned that it’s hard not to root for their success.

“The four of us… we had to make sure that we were all in on what we were doing here.”  -Brent Smith, Shinedown (video clip 5)

Brent and I got to chat at length about their upcoming release… for now only known as “Shinedown 7”.  I’ve split the chat into a bunch of little pieces.

The band has taken on some really important topics over the course of the last few years.  Mental health (“Get Up”), social unrest (“S&M’s “Not Mad Enough”) but this record – they think – has some really important things to talk about.

I asked Brent what he’s hoping for the future:

Brent thinks that one of the issues that’s causing so many of the problems is social media… and how it seems to elevate the negative vibe among us…  I asked him how he deals with it and if he limits his own participation.

And so… What about “Shinedown 7”?  What’s it called, what’s the single?  What is the new single talking about? When do we get to hear it?

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