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Who’s Got the Best Sicilian Pizza In New Jersey?

Sicilian Pizza From Rudy's Closter NJ

Whatever pizza places YOU frequent for a crispy slice of Sicilian, is the best. This list will point folks in the direction of Jersey pizza lover’s favorite places for a good pie or slice of Sicilian.

I published a list last Fall and have learned a lot since then. I thought it was a good list, and then I got schooled by people here in Jersey who eat pizza nearly every day. They didn’t give me a verbal beatdown, they just let me know that I left off a few places. They were fairly gentle with their critiques. Robyn escapes sleeping with the fishes, this time.

Click Here For 2023’s List For Best Sicilian Pizza In New Jersey


What’s The Best Way To Judge Pizza’s Taste & Texture?

In my opinion, ordering a full pie is the way to go when attempting to judge the taste and texture of  good pizza.
I order slices most of the time, and I try to time it so I can get a slice from a pie fresh out of the oven. I always ask, “What’s coming out of the oven for slice service?” The only time I get a reheated slice is when I see a pie sitting in the display that looks too incredible to pass up.

If I like it, I’ll order a full pie next time I’m feeding more than just myself.

When I moved to New Jersey, I needed to gather information and a bit of an education from people who have spent a lifetime of eating Sicilian pizza in the Garden State.

Origin Of Sicilian Pizza

According to Basil Pizza Bar: Sicilian pizza is believed to have first been made in Sicily, during the 19th Century. During those periods, various kinds of pizza were popular with constant experiments in enhancing the flavor.

According to La Cucina Italiana: Sicilian pizza is derived from sfincione, a street food synonymous with Palermo, Sicily’s capital. Nowadays, it’s topped with tomato sauce, but the original version was complete with anchovies, sliced tuma (Sicilian cheese made from raw sheep’s milk), breadcrumbs with grated pecorino cheese, onions, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil. It originated in Bagheria, a town in the commune of Palermo, around six miles from the city center.

Sicilian-style pizza was introduced to the United States by Sicilian immigrants in the mid-20th century. Topping Sicilian pies with mozzarella most likely happened because most Italian bakeries and restaurants in New York City would have had access to good quality, low cost mozzarella.

The dough making method and preparation is different from the Neapolitan and other kinds of pizza.

I love Sicilian Pizza’s thick spongy dough which is prepared from a combination of flour, water, olive oil, and yeast. It is pressed and placed on a square baking pan coated with olive oil along with toppings such as tomatoes or tomato sauce, and all the good things that make a fine Sicilian pie.

Again, I combed through the pages of my favorite local food sites and social media food pages to see where the Jersey Sicilian pizza eating experts go for the ultimate Sicilian pizza eating experience.

  • Bruno's Pizza - 1006 US-46, Clifton, NJ 07013

    Bruno’s was one of the most mentioned places for a killer Sicilian. I left them off last year’s list and was told the list wasn’t valid until Bruno’s made the cut. Thanks to Jim R. and several others for schooling me.

  • Rino's Pizzeria & Restaurant - 4525 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016

    Some say that Rino’s has one of the best Sicilian pizza in the tri-state area. Michael V. says, Add it to your list!”

    Rino's Pizzeria & Restaurant - Burlington, NJ - 4525 US-130 - Hours, Menu, Order

    Get 5% off your pizza delivery order - View the menu, hours, address, and photos for Rino's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Burlington, NJ. Order online for delivery or pickup on



  • Rudy's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria - 55 Vervalen Street, Closter Plaza, Closter, NJ 07624

    Aside from serving the area’s best Sicilian pizza, Rudy’s is an institution. When I discovered that Rudy’s has been around for over 60 years, I started looking up the history. I came across an interview with documentary film maker Tony Osso whose father Charlie, along with Charlie’s brother Fred, emigrated to America from Italy in 1963.  The Osso brothers eventually purchased Rudy’s in 1970 . I was deeply touched by the family’s backstory, I had to watch Tony’s 2017 documentary: Pizza Shop: An Italian American Dream. I highly suggest you view it. This is a beautiful heartwarming story about achieving the American dream.

  • Esposito's Pizza - 930 NJ-34, Matawan, NJ 07747 & 233 E Main St, Manasquan, NJ 08736

    Ron B. loves this place, and apparently, so do the people who live in Matawan.  They also have a Manasquan location where I’ve enjoyed pizza with their signature sesame seed crust.

    Several others from near and far have this place on their list for great Sicilian pizza.

  • Dominick's Pizza - 304 Union Blvd, Totowa, NJ 07512

    Every time I see Dominick’s mentioned, the reviews are always positive.  They are also home to the grandma pie.

    This place is a must for Theresa S. They make an amazing Sicilian pie. 2024 marks their 45th year in the Totowa location. Congratulations to Dominick and the Capone family.

    Please watch this short documentary on Dominick’s story.


  • Nino's - 442 Bergen St, Harrison, NJ 07029 In Harrison Plaza Shopping Center

    Sue K. says Nino’s has the best Sicilian, period! Martin said he wasn’t much of a fan of Sicilian style pizza until he had a slice from Nino’s. Now it’s all he orders. Nina says, “You can’t beat the prices for such good food.

    Vinny B. wrote: “Steve Bruno, the original owner was there making his famous square pie and helping out the new owners and showed my son how to make a regular pizza he is still taking about it with his friends!”

    Nino's - Harrison, NJ - 442 Bergen St - Hours, Menu, Order

    View the menu, hours, address, and photos for Nino's in Harrison, NJ. Order online for delivery or pickup on

  • Meli's Thin & Crispy Pizza Company - 280 US-9, Morganville, NJ 07751

    I just heard from my brother in-law ‘s friend who lives in Marlboro that this new place should be on the list. He’s eaten both the regular pie and the Sicilian pie and said both were fantastic. The crust is crispy and light, and the sauce was good with a tad of sweetness. A sicilian pie cost him $23, that’s a great price.

    Then I read Mark P’s review:  “Just went to Melis thin & crispy pizza Co. In Marlboro and all I can say is go there. It is immediately in my top 5 places in the state. Great thin crust that stays crispy with fantastic slightly sweet sauce and delicious cheese.



  • Sun-Ray Pizzeria - 440 Main St, Little Falls, NJ 07424

    There were many reviews from various food pages on socials that used the word, “Unbelievable ” when describing the Sicilian pizza at Sun-Ray. The recommendations were overwhelming, so now I have a trip to Little Falls in my future.

  • Jojo's Pizza - 104 Main St, Little Falls, NJ 07424

    Down the road from Sun-Ray, is Jo Jo’s Pizza, which also received some love from the Jersey pizza eating community. This place hasn’t been open very long, but people are enjoying their Sicilian style pie, including Robert C. Robert’s review with a photo:

    “Here is a place that is only open a very short time in Little Falls… Jo Jo’s!
    Here is their signature pie (Vodka Sauce, Pepperoni Cups, Stracciatella & Fresh Mozzarella) Very light, extremely tasty, and the pricing is reasonable. Check them out you will not be disappointed.
    Sicilian Pizza- Jo Jo's Little falls
  • Filippo's Pizzeria - 253 High St E, Glassboro, NJ 08028

    They have a thin crust Sicilian that’s been well received by the pizza lovers who frequent Filippo’s. Barry F. commented, “. The San Marzano Sicilian has a superb crisp. Extremely tasty and very easy on the palate.” Lou B. commented, “Try the Grandma Sicilian -Amazeballs!

  • Red Moon Pizza - 66 E Kennedy Blvd, Lakewood, NJ 08701

    This place is so old school they still have a pay phone. Johnny C The Pizza Guy advised us to go to this secret place in Lakewood. Red Moon’s special sauce and dough recipes come from Naples, and the husband and wife who opened this place are still there 50 plus years later.

    Make sure to tell Frank, “Johnny C. sent you.

  • Lillo's Tomato Pies - 2503 Marne Hwy, Hainesport, NJ 08036

    Honest to God, I could kick my own ass for leaving Lillo’s off the first list. Now it’s time to repent for my sins. Lillo’s does in fact make an incredible Sicilian. Thanks to Steven J. and dozens of others for calling attention to my egregious omission first time around.


  • Forte Pizzeria - 182 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006 & 486 NJ-10, Randolph, NJ 07869

    After the positive comments and photos of the Sicilian pie, I must include Forte. The crust appears to be pillowy and looks like it has a good crunch. The grandma pie also received a ton of love.



  • Lodi Pizza Restaurant - 19 US-46, Lodi, NJ 07644

    My Jersey pizza brothers and sisters will almost never steer me wrong. The trip from Ocean County will be worth it for a Sicilian pie from Lodi Pizza. Honorable mentions to: Joseph C , Alexander S ,Bobby H, and Karen C. You displayed some fine looking eats.

  • Franco's Pizzeria & Ristorante - 907 Bloomfield Ave, West Caldwell, NJ 07006

    Dan & Vic were the first to let me know that Franco’s needed to be on this list. This looks like a real homey family owned restaurant, my favorite kind. Owners Domenico & Giovanni are a father and son duo who hail from Buono Pane, a small town on the island of Ischia in Italy. This team has been working together for decades.

    The regular Sicilian, the Grandma, and the Grandpa pies are highly recommended.

    Francos Pizzeria & Ristorante | francos west caldwell | francos pizzeria nj | pizzeria restaurants caldwell nj | eat at francos

    Family owned and operated, Franco's pizzeria and restaurant serves west Caldwell the freshest and most authentic Italian fair.

  • Carmine's Pizza - 75 Main St, Netcong, NJ 07857

    Another great family owned place that came into being back in 1968, Carmine’s still makes pizza, pasta, and plenty of other dishes from their heart. They also make a delicious Sicilian pie according to Robert, Kenny, and several other folks who asked me to include them on this list.


    Carmine's Pizza

  • Rose’s Pizza - 73 River Dr, Garfield, NJ 07026

    I was overwhelmed with comments from over 40 people on how good Rose’s Sicilian pizza is. The dough is light, airy, and flavorful. Kirsten, Mark, Carol, and dozens of others couldn’t say enough about this place.

    They’ve been around for over 4 decades and have been using the same, fresh ingredients since day 1.

  • Squan Tavern - 15 Broad St, Manasquan, NJ 08736

    I’ve been eating here for years, and yet I’ve never had the Sicilian pizza. What am I missing? Gregg J. Jimmy B. and Joe M. said, “You’re missing out.”  I gotta get the Sicilian next time. 

  • Taormina Pizzeria - 301 Madison Ave, Paterson, NJ 07524

    Another fine old school pizza restaurant where you can get a nice hot bowl of pasta fazool and a terrific Sicilian pie. They’ve been around for over 4 decades. El Presidente visited back in 2021 with the Mayor of Paterson, André Sayegh. The regular pie looks fantastic too. Thanks to John T for his feedback : “Sicilian slice is tall, light and airy, crunchy bottom, light layer of cheese and a sweeter sauce.”


  • Three Boys From Italy - 238 Livingston St, Northvale, NJ 07647

    Rene F. jumped in to give a thumbs up to Three Boys for their incredible Sicilian. This photo says it all.


  • Manville Pizza & Restaurant - 31 S Main St, Manville, NJ 08835

    Dozens of mentions on this joint across socials. Alan, Rene, and Daniel gave Manville Pizza high marks for the Sicilian Pizza.  

  • Squares & Fare - 7 E New Jersey Ave, Somers Point, NJ 08244

    This is an underground sensation. Their current website states:  Your pizza will be prepared for pickup at the exact time chosen. Remember, we are a secret pizzeria. Our location in Egg Harbor Township will be shared with you upon purchase only. 

    Now the new site reads: We are moving to 7 East New Jersey Avenue in Somers Point in the Historic District only a block from the ocean and nestled in a storied neighborhood with other eateries and shops which have anchored the community for decades. They are officially opening this Summer of 2024. You can still order by clicking HERE

  • Coniglio's Old Fashioned - 11 South St, Morristown, NJ 07960

    The Upside Down Sicilian was mentioned by a few folks on the boards as being one of the best pies they’ve eaten.

    Al Santillo is here on Sundays from Noon to 4pm until Santillo’s can be rebuilt after suffering a devastating fire.


  • Salerno's Pizzeria - 80 Bethany Rd, Hazlet, NJ 07730

    Matteo claims the Sicilian pie here is comparable to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. Dude, that’s a very bold statement. I will say that other folks who weighed in believe the Sicilian pie here is a good choice.

  • Cifelli's Pizza - 700 Chews Landing Rd, Lindenwold, NJ 08021

    Heading to South Jersey to check out Jill’s favorite place close to her house. They make a solid Sicilian pie and the panzarotti is a must.  Panzarotti are  savory turnovers, that originated in Central and Southern Italian cuisine. They resemble small calzones, both in shape and dough but are fried rather than baked. 

    Homepage - Cifelli's Pizza

    Menu Daily Specials Welcome At Cifelli's Pizza "We Deliver" doesn't just mean we deliver your pizza. We deliver quality food made with quality ingredients, at a competitive price! Daily Specials Specials Menu

  • Roma Pizza - 656 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226

    Mario and Eddie hit this place when they vacation with their families down in South Jersey. Both of them say the Sicilian pizza here is the best on the boardwalk. The bite has a good crunch and the sauce is well balanced.   My friend and listener Mike said the same thing and adds, it’s the best on the boardwalk. Try their famous pizza cones.

  • Borino's Pizza - 557 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, NJ 07044

    The upside down Sicilian was highly praised by a few people. Jason B. loves this place and Mike L. believes it deserves to be on this list.

  • Slice House - 177 NJ-37, Toms River, NJ 08755

    This place opened last year and they have become one of my favorite pizza joints. They make a drunken Sicilian pie that knocked my socks off. Made with a tasty Vodka Sauce, fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Burrata Cheese, Pecorino Romano Cheese, and Basil. The traditional Sicilian is very good too. My favorite pie from here is the white pie with broccoli rabe and sausage. Outstanding!


  • Dolce Vita Cucina Italiana - 42 NJ-34, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

    Kathy F, Linda B, and Johnny M all agree that this place makes delicious pizza. My friend chef Umberto calls this place a hidden gem. The Sicilian pie is a fantastic choice.

  • La Pizza of Roseland - 178 Eagle Rock Ave, Roseland, NJ 07068

    Lots of  good feedback and love for the Grandma pie which is why La Pizza made the list.

    Their website reads: The Cataldi family has been serving Roseland and its neighboring communities since 1989. We have been proud to present our customers with the finest pizza and Italian specialties using only the highest quality ingredients. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, for your patronage. Buon Appetito!

  • Denino's - 1077 F, NJ-34, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747

    Rick D. loves the Sicilian with pepperoni. Alex and Vinnie think the Aberdeen location make better pizza than Staten Island. Those may be fighting words boys.

  • Brooklyn Square Pizza - 265 S New Prospect Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527 - Also Locations In Toms River & Manalapan

    Brooklyn Square makes a ton of Best Pizza lists by local folks, influencers and various media outlets. The Upside-Down Square was the clear winner at Brooklyn Square’s Jackson location. In my opinion,  excellent!


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