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Lacey Township, New Jersey- Will You Be Attending Walmart’s Self Checkout Employee Christmas Party This Year?

Personally, I love self checkout kiosks. I like the fact that I can ring up my stuff at my own pace and get the heck out in short order, most of the time.  Sometimes it doesn’t always work out. The scanning device can be temperamental and refuse to scan your items, followed by an automated voice telling you to wait for a customer service representative to assist you. Ugh!!! I am in the minority of the love of self checkout kiosks. If I had one gripe, it would be that stores are preventing people from making a living by hiring one less person to ring up your items. Recently, I came across a couple of social media pages titled, “Walmart Self Checkout Employees Christmas Party.” I burst into hysterics. The first one I found was created on December 9, 2022, by Jake Stewart from Itasca, Texas. Jake’s first post read: “Okay this is the group for all of our self checkers. Going to meet up and have us an employee Christmas party. There will be an event coming soon!” Followed by, Hannah Gonzales’ comment, “What about door prizes?” I just about lost it. I continued to scroll through the Facebook page laughing my ass off. Then I discovered a local New Jersey page recently created by Andrew (Drew) Delgado, for the Lacey Walmart Self Checkout Employees Christmas Party, taking place on December 15, 2023 at 8pm. Drew detailed it:” Celebrating another successful year of picking, paying, and bagging your own groceries while actual employees just stand around and check receipts.” The comments are a riot, and there are a few folks who lack a sense of humor. One person commented: "God, get over it. It's WALMART. Who gives a shit if you need to bag your own groceries.  Get with the times and learn how to do it." This person clearly isn’t in on the joke. Since creating this event and seeing over 3,000 people responding to the R.S.V.P as wanting to attend, Andrew had an incredibly productive idea. He wrote: “While this started as a joke, it has me thinking. What if…I was to organize a big toy drive where we have a Santa Claus and then we all purchase toys from the store, pile them outside and then donate them to whatever children happen to come to the store?" "I genuinely believe that something good can come from this." Times are tough for a lot of people. I think this would be perfect. Thoughts?” I love the idea, Andrew. Andrew actually called Walmart Corporate. While they thought it was funny, they were not interested in having an actual event at the Lanoka Harbor store. Andrew was told that the local police departments are going to be on standby on December 15th so please do not show up there to cause any kind of ruckus. Andrew kept the wheels turning, and just a few days ago he let us know that the Lacey Elks, some of my favorite people on the planet, have come to the rescue. Andrew posted: There will be an official event happening at the Lacey Elks Lodge on Beach Blvd in Forked River. We are working with them to set up something nice for families in need. Please invite your friends and family to this event and if you would be so kind as to share this post as well.  I will keep you guys updated as things move along. From the sounds of it, we will probably be having food, hot chocolate, baked goods etc. Stay tuned for more information. Will Drew Delgado and the Lacey Elks be wearing their Christmas super hero capes to this event? We should all show up and find out.   Click the link below to connect to Andrew's Walmart Christmas party page for more information    

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