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Hey there Rat Rock Nation, we still have some time before summer ends but this sport you can enjoy all year long with the right wetsuit and board and it is called surfing.

I see so many surfers out and about and getting down to the beach and I overhear them talking and asking “Where is the best surf spot at the Jersey Shore?’

Well I have talked and asked that question and got some great answers that I want to share with you on where the best place to have fun and get out there to surf at the best spots here in New Jersey.

I myself like to get out there and paddle around when I find the time to do it. Surfing is one of the best ways to clear your head and just leave your troubles on land and at the beach.

Best Waves In New Jersey To Surf At

(Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

I got into surfing when my older brother got me a 6-7 shortboard for my first one and the first time I was out there I fell in love with it.

Plus meeting so many cool people out in the water and even the strangers helping and coaching me along the way, such as move your foot this way some more, or bend your knees a little bit more, and stuff like that. Here at the Jersey Shore, you can even get lessons if you need them at a pretty cool surf school called Hammer Surf School.

If you are just starting out with surfing, or you are new to New Jersey, or even want to try it out here is a pretty awesome list of where you can get the best waves from the people who know the best spots to surf.

Remember to always be safe and follow all the rips and currents that the Atlantic will be doing that day, and if never sure about it, the lifeguards will always be there to answer any questions. You can always check the rip currents and tide schedule by clicking right HERE.


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So surf on New Jersey and thank you for reading this post and as always thank you for rocking out with me and The Rat, Click HERE to check out more stories- Gotts

  • 1. Manasquan

    Manasquan Inlet that is where you want to be because it has one of the best waves all along the coast of New Jersey and some great waves roll through there all year long. Those breaks are one after the other and pick up right off the jetty. Very cool spot and Bruce Springsteen is always hanging out around there so keep an eye open for him.

  • 2. Belmar

    Right on 16th Ave and still one of my favorite spots to go paddle out in and you will have lots of room to spread out, so your not really on top of other surfers. Also they always host the Belmar Pro every year at this spot.  Plus there is a great, friendly surf shop across from the beach called “Eastern Lines.”


  • 3. Seaside Park

    This beach has the best waves for beginners and if you have been surfing along time. So much fun to get out there and show your stuff and catch a fun day with lots of rights to surf on is what it is known for mostly. Plus you might see some of those “Jersey Shore” cast members running around.

  • 4. Long Branch

    Very cool place to surf is 7 Presidents right there in Long Branch and locals have been tearing up waves out  here for years and it looks like they will not slowing them down. Check this out it is one of the first beaches that allowed surfing to happen. You want to catch these waves at their best when low tide rolls in.

  • 5. Avon

    Great little surf spot and something you don’t want to miss out on is called the L Jetty. This spot is one where you want to check winds really carefully and another low tide exciting wave.

  • 6. Lavallette

    This exposed beach does have some really fun and reliable waves to surf on. On a great day you can catch some both left and exciting rights. Both great fun for longboards or shortboards. Yet another very cool surf shop to check out over there is Ocean Hut Surf Shop.

  • 7. Bay Head

    This beach is on this list because no matter what time of year you can always have fun on some really waist high waves and bigger on really good day. You will really see some good surfing talent out this way, those guys and girls are amazing in the water and really cool to watch them surf.

  • 8. Spring Lake

    Here you can find some really nice waves that roll off the series of jetties and depending on the north or south end of Spring lake is up to you really with the rights and lefts off these waves. Surfers were telling me that on take off the wave it is a “mushy” but still a great ride. Plus the great Kelly Slater has stopped by here and paddled out.

  • 9. Atlantic City

    Hey when is going to AC never a good time right? But next time strap the board to the car and head on down to the last beach in AC and not only will you get some fun rides in out on the water, but you never know what you will see coming out of the casinos and the party people. I say catch some waves during the day and then head out to party after your surf session.

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