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48% Of Single Men Clean THIS Only Four Times A Year

Quite a disgusting question for today's What's That Fact trivia question.  The W.T.F Question is something we ask every Monday morning.  Today it's about something that single men clean only 4 times a year.  Actually, the question isn't really the grossest part of the question.  It's the answers in the comments section of our social media page that turn questionable.  LOL!  Let's make it official, here's what our Facebook fans saw when they woke up on Monday morning: [caption id="attachment_994748" align="aligncenter" width="527"] Single men clean this only 4 times a year. This is gross.[/caption] 48% of single men clean THIS only four times a year.  What is THIS? As with most of our Morning Rat Race trivia questions, the real fun can be found in the comments section of the station's Facebook.  Let's face it:  The comments section of any social media has become a Wild West of conspiracy theories, factual irrelevance, name-calling, and self-idolization.   The comments section of our What's That Fact trivia question is pure fun and games. Like what Myspace was in the age of social media innocence. Single Men Cleaning, Wrong Answers Only Here are my favorite wrong answers for the W.T.F Question: I love it when you all answer each other in the comments section of our Facebook page.  And, I agree with you, Will... there's no way a single guy cleans his fridge once a year, let alone 4! Mike's right:  I'm cleaning my own brain's memory after reading the second part of Billy's answer... Looks like Mac is agreeing with what Mike started... A single guy should be cleaning his internet history out at least 4 times a year.  MINIMUM! What's funny is that I wouldn't be surprised if single guys who smoke clean their smoking equipment more often than they clean the actual correct answer for today's W.T.F Question! So, What Do 48% Single Men Only Clean 4 Times A Year? The correct answer for today's W.T.F Question was:  their toilet.  We would have also accepted "bathroom" but "toilet" is specifically the correct answer.  I gotta tell ya:  That's freakin' nasty! Now that we're finished with todays W.T.F, have a look at some earlier questions and answers: [select-listicle listicle_id="871277" syndication_name="look-back-at-w-t-f-questions" description="yes"]

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