Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

We love the W.T.F Question because it’s a great way to ease into the Monday workday.

The W.T.F Question is a trivia question that always asks the same question… and that question is:  What is THIS?

It’s the best way to slip into the work week, shake off the weekend cobwebs and get your brain started.

So grab your java and a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich and join us for a scroll back through the W.T.Fs through time.

  • Something that people keep in their car.

    Facebook had a field day with this one…

    Turned out the answer was:  Toilet Paper

  • Male / Female relationships, question number 1,234

    The answer to this one?  Clean Up.  Because, you don’t do it correctly, guys.

  • Bad news riding shotgun in the car of broken dreams for this W.T.F

    The answer is in the comments…

  • Please, don't say the answer is, "how to drive the damn thing".

    Nah, the answer on this W.T.F was:  their license plate (Guilty as charged!)

  • Here's another car W.T.F that is STUNNING

    The answer was: How to put air in their tires. Wow. That’s incredible. Losing faith over here…

  • Here's another one that the Facebook audience had a field day on...

    But the answer on this W.T.F Question wasn’t so sinister.  It was, “the cost of the gym membership”.

  • Ummmm... Yeah, I'm just gonna leave this as "age".

    But the answer actually was, “dress size”.  And quite frankly the way sizes change from designer to designer… it’s kinda hard to know!

  • Well well welll....

    Despite all her accusations the answer was, “Lose money gambling”

  • We think it's much higher around here

    WTF 16 times a day

    This WTF Question was easy.












    The answer was:  The average person CURSES 16 times a day.  No way that can be true about us in New Jersey.   We’re way higher than that!

  • Prying minds would like to know

    From their partner

    Yep, they don’t tell them at all.












    The correct answer:  A traffic ticket.

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