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BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - MARCH 06: A Golden Retriever sits on a chair on day 2 of the Cruft's dog show at the NEC Arena on March 6, 2020 in Birmingham, England. The annual four-day show will see around 20,000 pedigree dogs visit the centre, before the 'Best in Show' is awarded on the final day. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A family in Australia had a beautiful Golden Retriever who lived a long happy life. Instead of burying or cremating their pet, they made a rug out of his coat.

The family went to a local taxidermist and asked that their beloved dog be turned into a pelt for the family to enjoy for years to come.  Can you imagine doing that to your furry companion?  Preserving him or her forever sounds creepy at first, but the more I think about it, the more I understand it, due to the emotional connection one forms with the family pet.

Is there a taxidermist here in New Jersey who’d be willing to do that? I would have to do some extensive research. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of doing that to my kitty cat, Oscar Wilde after he makes his journey across the rainbow bridge. Besides, a domestic cat rug is way weirder than a dog rug.

In Australia, it’s supposedly very common to turn the family dog into a rug. In the last five years, pet taxidermy has become some sort of trend down under. If I didn’t have to look at the dog’s face every time I walked into the room where the rug is placed, I might be able to handle it.

I guess it gives families comfort. Think about it, you can put the rug, lie on the rug, and maybe even pick it up and put it on your lap as some sort of therapeutic measure to cope with the loss.

Check out the Instagram page of the taxidermist who did the transformation.