7 Original Band Names We’re Glad Didn’t Stick

On August 29, 1959, an up-and-coming band called The Quarry Men played the opening night of a new teen hangout called the Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool, England. Of course, that band would go on to become The Beatles.  (Perhaps you’ve heard of them?)

Scott Stapp Discusses Possibility For A Creed Reunion

Creed has been dormant since 2013, and the group's absence has been compounded by Scott Stapp's breakdown last fall, which led to a diagnosis of bi-polar and manic depressive disorders. A reunion may well be in the cards, however -- albeit not for awhile.

Scott Stapp Wants To Reunite Creed

All's been quiet on the Scott Stapp front lately, but the Creed singer made a recent appearance -- looking trim and fit -- on "Dr. Oz" show to talk about his substance addictions and meltdown earlier this year.