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There’s been some activity on the Creed Facebook page that is leading some fans to think a reunion could be afoot.

On June 8, the cover photo of Creed’s Facebook page was updated along with its profile picture, which is now a photo of the band circa their first reunion back in 2009. Before this photo, Creed’s four previous profile pictures were of band logos or album artwork.

Many fans in the comment section of the profile picture shared their hopes of a potential reunion, with one fan writing, “You’re back? Please save 2020!” Another fan wrote, “Is it a sign of another reunion that the whole world has been waiting for?”  The best response, however, came from a fan who quoted the band’s lyrics to “My Sacrifice” and added, “2020 is so not predictable…”

This year certainly is anything but predictable. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be saying hello and meeting Creed again sooner than later.


Creed updated their profile picture.

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