Hey, Rat Rockers today is National Roller Coaster Day, and here at the Rat we do love getting our thrills on. I have decided to give you a list of my favorite roller coasters that I have been on from the past to the present.

Most of this list does have them based on Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey, get more information right HERE. If you have one that you enjoy that is not on the list please share it in the comment section of this post.

Some of these coasters are just insane and if you have not been on the list and you enjoy your hair getting blown back and your stomach filled with butterflies you should give a couple of these rides a try.

I have been on a lot of coasters and no lies, sometimes I do second guess if I should be on them because I hear the screams and see the people’s eyes when they come off, and I do get nervous.

A lot of times when boarding the rides and the lap bar comes down or over your shoulder and you hear the one guy or girl giving the instructions and then you will hear those famous words ”  ALL CLEAR AND ENJOY YOUR RIDE’.”

Sorry, I Forgotts!

The crazy thing is though, during the ride after that first initial drop, you really do get into it and get up to speeds over 60 mph and sometimes even faster. So get out there and let’s celebrate National Roller Coaster Day and say thank you to all the workers and engineers who put these crazy coasters together for us.

Thank you for checking this post out and a shout out to you for always rocking out with me and The Rat, check out more stories from me by clicking right HERE. Gotts

  • 1. Nitro

    This one is really fun and at 230ft up in the air and the drop is  215 feet, you will definitely get your blood going and your adrenaline pumping at Six Flags in Jersey.

    Nitro Roller Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure!

    Let's ride Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure! Who else loves this roller coaster?

    Posted by Theme Park Review on Saturday, August 20, 2022
  • 2. Rolling Thunder

    Now Rat Rockers if you’re about my age you would remember this ride. It was all wooden and it always sounded like it needed some WD-40 to be sprayed on it to grease up the tracks. We would sit in the back and get tossed around a lot. Sure do miss this ride.

    Time Warp Tuesday! Was Rolling Thunder your first coaster?

    Posted by Six Flags Great Adventure on Tuesday, April 23, 2013
  • 3. The Great American Scream Machine

    This roller coaster will have a special place in my heart because it was the first roller coaster I went upside down in and it stood at 173 feet in the air. I know this photo is not that ride but it’s still fun to see a pic with a post.

  • 4. The Batman Ride

    This ride was very cool to me because my feet were never on the ground throughout the ride and believe it or not I did lose a shoe on this ride my first time on it. Good times!

  • 5. Kingda Ka

    This crazy coaster has to be on the list because it felt like a got shot out of a cannon and then you go 400ft in the air !! If you look closely too there are signs telling you that sometimes the caster won’t make it over the hump at the very top and you could go backwards to the start. This ride will make you check your shorts after.

  • 6. Star Jet

    We have to add this to the list here because this iconic Roller Coaster was such a big hit on the boardwalk in Seaside NJ. Due to Hurricane Sandy, it was taken out to the Atlantic Ocean and it did not come down so we have to show our love and support on this ride that got so many pics and was still standing all throughout that crazy time.


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