Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

WILDWOOD, NJ - MAY 30: A lifeguard clutches a rescue buoy by the ocean on May 30, 2022 in Wildwood, New Jersey. Memorial Day events are held across the U.S. to commemorate those who died in active military service. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Say what?

On today’s No Sweat News we found out about a little seaside tourist town in northwest Spain that just created a law that would fine people if they got caught peeing in the ocean… Scroll down for that headline story…

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  • The World's WORST Summer Treat Has Been Created!

    A famous condiment company has released details about their new “summer treat”. Now, I don’t know about you but when I think summer treat I think of frozen deliciousness like Italian Ice or yummy ice cream in a sugar cone, maybe with sprinkles.

    No… not on the No Sweat News. The French’s condiment company has unleashed an abomination on the world and we’re just about ready to vomit thinking about it. This is 10 times worse than that ice cream that had mustard swirled around in it…

  • Tombstone Blues

    Some people aren’t happy about a tombstone at a cemetery in Iowa, which has a hidden message. It says: “Forever in our hearts . . . until we meet again . . . cherished memories . . . known as . . . our son, brother . . . father, papa, uncle . . . friend and cousin.” But the way the lines are set up, the first letter of each word down the left side spells out an expletive.

    Yep, it says…

  • You Could Get A Big Fine If You're Caught Peeing In The Ocean?

    Hahahaha… this is hilarious.

    A small seaside town, a resort town just like we have here at The Jersey Shore, just passed an ordinance that will fine anyone who is caught peeing in the ocean.  The fine is supposedly $750!

    So, let’s get this straight.  You’re at the beach.  You feel like a swim and you go for a dip.  Then, you think:  hmmm, maybe I’ll pee right here while I swim… You’ll get a ticket for that?

    Wait.  What about the little fishes, THEY pee in the ocean too… Do they get fined?

  • Those are three fun snips from today's No Sweat News!

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