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Morning Rat Race Video: No Sweat News Full Video

Today we had three fully insane stories on the No Sweat News.  Each of the stories could turn up on Friday's No Sweat News Quiz which is pretty sweet because the winner of the Quiz will score tickets to see Creed at the PNC Bank Arts Center in August of 2024.  Remember, all the stories on the NSN sound like they might be made up.  That's the hard part about the Quiz on Friday morning at 7:15. Scroll down for the complete studio video for today's episode. Story 1:  Personal grooming product sales are skyrocketing Not sure if skyrocketing is actually a fair way to describe the increase in sales but there's been a significant increase in sales of personal care products like deodorant, soap and body wash.  The makers of Degree deodorant and Axe body spray say sales are up 8% after a huge drop off during the pandemic.  Of course, people stayed home with remote work during the pandemic and many people just stopped caring about whatever smells emanated from their bodies.   For so many, it didn't really matter if you stunk to high heaven, you weren't going near anyone anyway. Story 2:   Dude robbed a bank with his mom riding shotgun This bank robbery story out of Pennsylvania took an odd turn because, at first, cops weren't sure if the mother was in on the heist.  In the end, it turned out that she wasn't.  The 50-something year old man was driving with his 90 year old mother in the passenger seat when he stopped at a local bank.  He left mom in the car, walked in and robbed the place.  Then went back to his mother in the car and drove off.  Cops weren't too far away and caught them soon.  After bringing both to the police station it was clear mom knew nothing about it so they got her a ride home. Story 3:  Italian mom sues her sons Why on earth would any mother sue her adult sons?  You'd think nothing would ever come between a mom and her two kids.  That's why it's the No Sweat News!  Not only did this Italian mother sue her kids: The court ruled in her favor and now her two boys must follow the judge's orders. Watch the whole video to find out the details and get set for the No Sweat News quiz on Friday morning at 7:15.   [select-gallery gallery_id="939974" syndication_name="gallery-26th-annual-wrat-haunted-halloween-house-party-at-martells" description="yes"]

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