Robyn Lane


Here’s Where Jersey Shore Folks Buy Their Pies & Baked Goods For The Thanksgiving Holiday!

This is an updated list from last year. There are places here in Monmouth & Ocean County that have unfortunately gone out of business and have been removed from the list, a few others have been added. I am a baker. The last thing I ever expected to do, was ask people where they buy their holiday pies. My friends and family have always asked me to bring one of my homemade desserts to every gathering, holiday or not. I’ve baked some incredible pies throughout the years. My Dutch apple crumb, pecan, coconut custard, and blueberry pies seem to be the most requested. For the first time in my adult life, I scoured the foodie pages to ask: “Where Do You Buy Your Holiday Pies & baked goods?” The people spoke, and spoke loud about the best places in Monmouth, Ocean, and beyond to buy the freshest, most delicious pies for their holiday tables. I expected more than half of the respondents to say, “Delicious Orchards”, but that wasn’t the case. Delicious Orchards was mentioned frequently, just not as frequently as I expected.   Thanks to dozens and dozens of folks who love pies & other sweet treats for helping me compile a list of places that you can shop at for a tasty dessert for your holiday table.

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