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2024 Asbury Park Tattoo Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

Hey, check it out New Jersey, starting today and all through this weekend the Asbury Park Tattoo Festival kicks off at Convention Hall. If you're a fan of art, and especially, art on your skin, this is where you want to be. This badass festival will have over 300 tattoo artist from all around the world, showing off their talent. It's amazing what artist are tattooing these days. Get tickets and more information at I have been attending this fest for many years, and have witnessed tattoos that were mind blowing. From the shading, to the outline work, and colors that they use, you can really see the dedication the artist put in. I highly suggest if you are interested in getting one to book your appointment ASAP. Let me add, that if you are not looking for a tat, no worries, because all sorts of entertainment will be happening on stage. Asbury Park Tattoo Festival Is Back This Weekend. Here Is A Women Getting Tattooed On Her Side. Asbury Park Tattoo Festival And What To Expect Other than the 300 tattoo artists, there will also be live burlesque shows and a speedo contest you don't want to miss. LOL. In past years they've had people with hooks in their backs, hanging form cables, swinging from the ceiling. You will see people swallowing swords, people spitting fire, and so many other things you would typically never see. My boy and great friend who runs it, Jon Jon, checked in on the Morning Rat Race yesterday to let us know how pumped and ready they are to have a great time in Asbury this weekend. There will be vendors, and a Ms and Mr Asbury Park contest, all hosted by Tastie and judged by Nessa Sky & Elicksher. Thank you for taking the time out to check this story out and as always many thanks for cranking up 95.9 The Rat. You can always get more stories by clicking right HERE. Much LOVE and CHEERS. - Gotts

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