When it comes to getting tattoos when you don’t have any, it’s always hard to know where to start – or how painful it’s going to be once you choose your piece. 

And while many people have different views and opinions based on where the most painful spots are (I’m sure you’ve heard the ribs are “The WORST”), we figured we’d ask an expert. That is, an expert canvas.

Published Tattoo Model Andria Maire has her legs and arms both fully sleeved out, and based on how many tattoos she has, and how much detail she’s taken on during all her years of being tattooed, as well as awards she’s won First Place in from multiple Tattoo Conventions like Motor City Tattoo Convention and Villain Arts Chicago Tattoo Convention, we figured she’d know better than anyone!

Model Andria Marie, Tattoos By Loaf (Amy Cooper / ACRONYM)


Here are her picks for the most painful spots:


Top Of The Foot

“I think the top of the foot is really painful, probably because the skin is thinner and the top of your foot is just more of a sensitive spot on your body,” says Andria.

Knee Ditch (Back Of The Knee)

Andria says that she still cringes thinking about the Knee Ditch and says it’s probably the most painful out of all the spots she picked on the list, due to the sensitivity of the area. I mean, imagine someone drawing with a needle on the back of your leg. OUCHHH!

Inside Of The Upper Thigh

She picked this one because it was super sensitive when her tattoo artist Loaf did work on it, and that “The lower the tattoo on the leg, the less sensitive the skin seems to be in my experience and the least amount of pain.”

Outside Of The Upper Thigh, Near The Butt Cheek

“The closer to your butt, the worse it hurts,” she says.

Knee Cap

“The knee cap was interesting. The first one I really had myself expecting the worst… The outside of the knee is actually worse than the knee cap itself. I don’t mind the needle-to-the-bone pain too much. The second knee was way easier because I knew what to expect.” She also noted that anything knee-related is harder to heal because you’re trying to not bend it as much.


What would you say your most painful spot getting tattooed was? Or where have you heard the most painful spot is? Let us know!


Amy Cooper has quite a few tattoos, and most of them are Harry Potter related.