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The Rolling Stones were a very rebellious and dangerous band in the ’60s. It was their image, of course, which was cleverly aided by manager Andrew Loog Oldham who came up with the oft-mention question “Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?” They were rather tame by today’s standards. However, when they filmed a promotional video for their single “Have You Seen Your Mother” and were dressed in women’s clothing, it was naturally scandalous.

That 1966 music video has been released online for the first time and can be viewed below. Per a press release from ABKCO, the video was directed by Peter Whitehead who also directed the 1965 Stones documentary Charlie Is My Darling.

Keith Richards would later tell NME the Stones’ drag moment was “just a laugh.” He added, “There’s no deeper interpretation to be placed on it than that . . . We adopted the names of ‘Molly’ and ‘Sarah’ for fun.”


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