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Most Metallica fans have some sort of story about how they got into the band, and Sebastian Bach is no different.

The former Skid Row frontman said in a new interview that the thing that attracted him to Metallica from the jump was how ugly they all were.

“I bought ‘Kill ‘Em All’ when it was an import when it first came out [in 1983], when it was first released,” explains Bach. “I lived in a little town in Canada called Peterborough and there was a heavy metal section [at a local record store] with imports. And I was flipping through the albums, and this was in total glam days of Motley Crue and Wratchchild and all these glam bands. I was flipping through, and I saw Metallica ‘Kill ‘Em All’, and it didn’t have a picture on the front.”

Bach continued, “So I picked it up, turned it around and I looked at the picture on the back of ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and I go, ‘Holy f—. These are the ugliest [bunch of guys] I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at these guys.’ I go, ‘How can this be their picture of their band?’ And I bought it right there because I thought they looked so terrible. I go, ‘This is the craziest s— I’ve ever seen.'”

In defense of Bach’s statements, when you look back on the Kill ‘Em All press shots, Metallica certainly wasn’t winning any beauty contests. However, it’s been nice to see some of the members grow into their looks or have significant glow-ups. (Looking at you, Papa Het.)

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