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Robert Plant shared a wild discovery in a new interview about coming across an unopened letter from his mother written in 1967 that could have led to him quitting music.

In a discussion with Rolling Stone, Plant said he found the letter while sorting through his belongings in 2020. Back in 1967, Plant had trained to be a charted accountant, but he would leave that career path behind after just two weeks in favor of going to college.

Plant recalled, “I found a letter from my mom, which I hadn’t opened, from 1967, and I opened it in 2020, and it said, ‘Robert, you should come home now. Sue is waiting for you, and the accountant’s office are happy to take you back.'”

He continued, “It brought a tear to my eye, because I thought, ‘If I’d have opened that, I might have taken it up.’ Just imagine that! I’d be out shooting pheasants somewhere now on the Welsh borders, with a pair of plus-fours. But how ironic that I never opened it. It was a letter from my mom.”

Of course,  just one year later in 1968, Plant would meet Jimmy Page and soon thereafter, Led Zeppelin would be born. Just imagine what could’ve happened if Plant had opened the letter.

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