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Eagles, Queen and The Beatles were among the top ten artists featured on Billboard‘s “U.S. Money Makers” list of the top paid musicians of 2020.

The three classic rock mainstays placed 4th, 7th and 8th, respectively, with the Eagles earning $16.3 million, followed by Queen with $13.2 million and The Beatles with $12.9 million.

Also representing the rock world on the list were the following:

-AC/DC (13th/$10.1 million)
-Metallica (18th/$9 million)
-Pink Floyd (20th/$8.8 million)
-Fleetwood Mac (29th/$6.6 million)
-Tool (32nd/$6.17 million)
-KISS (33th/$6 million)
-The Rolling Stones (34th/$5.96 million)
-Billy Joel (39th/$5.49 million)
-Aerosmith (40th/$5.35 million)

The full list can be read at Billboard.com.


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