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Daniel Brühl attends the "My Zoe" premiere during the 15th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on September 29, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Last week’s Falcon and the Winter Solider episode had a scene in the club with bad guy Helmut Zemo dancing for a moment in a club scene.

In an interview, actor Daniel Brühl said that he was dancing for five minutes or something, saying “I couldn’t be happier, because that was improvised. It happened on the day—it wasn’t on the page. I was standing there, heard the beats and saw the crowd dancing. I thought, ‘Let’s go.’ Zemo, after sitting in prison for years, needs to let off some steam, and I also knew that this would annoy Sam and Bucky. ”

42-year-old Brühl went on to say, “Then I started dancing. I could tell from the reactions that people were really not sure if that was serious or not, but to me it made total sense. Then I thought, ‘How would Zemo dance?’ and I went for that choice—which is not the way I dance. But to me it made total sense. And at the end, when we wrapped, I was 100% sure that they would cut it out of the show, and that it wouldn’t find its way to the final cut. When I saw [the final scene], I was so thankful. I texted the producer and the director and said, ‘Thank you guys for having that little moment where Zemo is showing his moves.’”

The dance scene prompted fans to start a hashtag #releasethezemocut:

Marvel gave the fans what they wanted — and more, releasing an entire hour of dancing Zemo:

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