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Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon “accidentally” revealed the title for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man No Way Home.

In the video, Tom Holland is seen leaving Director Jon Watts’ office, with a face of disdain saying, “He gave us a fake name again. I just don’t understand why he keeps doing this! I don’t spoil things. Name one thing I’ve actually spoiled.” Both Zendaya and Batalon scoff at him, telling him exactly why he is kept out of the loop.

As the trio continue walking down the corridor, the camera pans to a white board that reveals the official title for the upcoming film: Spider-Man No Way Home.


On February 23, Holland and his co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon took to their Instagram accounts to share the same still from the upcoming movie along with similar captions. However, each of them announced a different title with all of the versions including the word “home,” a spin on the first and second film names: 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Holland’s announcement read “Spider-Man: Phone Home” while Zendaya’s was “Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker” and as for Batalon, his post had the title “Spider-Man: Home Slice.”


As fans may recall, Tom Holland is somewhat infamous for letting the cat out of the bag in the past when it came to Marvel films, so rumor has it that he gets a different script than the rest of the cast.

The upcoming film is set to release Christmas of this year — they mention, notably, that it will be available in movie theaters only. As the Spider-Man franchise is a Sony property (not a Disney property), it won’t be available on Disney+ (although Disney has not released Black Widow yet, as they are delaying it until it can open in theaters.

Some more funny fan-made adaptations for possible movie title:







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