The dynamic duo of Robbie Landis and Ben Morse is back once again for another episode of the Other Identity. The Other Identity is a podcast about exploring the culture created by comic books. This week Robbie and Ben are joined by former Other Identity host, Kali Sloan. The three of them tackle the Tom King classic The Visions and talk about their expectations for Disney+’s WandaVision.
A vision of the Visions
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has over 70+ years of comic history and lore to draw upon. WandaVision, specifically, is drawing from an era where the Scarlet Witch and Vision tried to live a normal life. Due to the nature of their characters and their world, that wasn’t possible. But a lot of that history is going to play a large role in what happens in WandaVision. In 2016, Tom King wrote a 12 series run about the Vision attempting to live a normal life with a Synthezoid family he created. His wife Virginia and his two children Vin and Viv would soon find that wasn’t possible either. Robbie, Ben, and Kali discuss what makes this series so fantastic.

Predicting WandaVision

The hosts of The Other Identity also try to align their own expectations for the Disney+ show WandaVision. When it comes to both these characters, all three hosts admit that even without expectations, what they’ve read ends up surprising them. It’s very likely that whatever comes from WandaVision will defy all expectations of the viewers and usher in a new kind of Marvel experience. Kevin Feige has stated before that it’s the intent of the Disney+ series to tell stories in a way they haven’t been able to with the MCU. Either way, fans of all kinds are sure to be in for quite a surprise. There is no official word on when Wandavision will drop, but the recent trailer said “coming soon” and we know it will be sometime in 2020.
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