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Dave & Busters To Allow Patrons To Gamble On Video Games

Cool news for video game fans and degenerate gamblers (like us). You will soon be able to gamble on video games will now be a thing at Dave & Busters! This is either a very cool development or how I'll end up not being able to pay my mortgage. Time will tell. Gamble On Video Games At Dave & Busters The restaurant, bar, and arcade blockbuster didn't get into too many details on their official announcement. The first thing mentioned was that the opportunity to gamble on video games will be limited to their loyalty program members. To take part, you'd have to register on the D & B app. Media reports suggest that the gambling will be limited to "friendly wagers" on things like Skee-ball and Hot-Shots basketball. By "friendly wager" I suppose we're talking about a limit to the amount you can bet to $5 - $10. Media reports suggest that there will be a limit to the amount you can wager on a game. Dave & Busters is allowing you to gamble on video games thanks to a partnership with gamification company Lucra Sports. Lucra claims they can put money making gambling into any company app with just a few weeks turnaround. Sixty Second Listen: Video Games Help Your Memory! Imagine if the Jersey Shore Blue claws allowed $5 wagering on the eyeball race! Or the spinny-bat thing? Or what if we allowed local betting on Gotts' Benny Count? The opportunities are endless. -No Sweat News 5.1.24 Dave & Busters Moves To Freehold Dave & Busters recently announced that their intention to bring a new location in the Freehold Raceway Mall. Their proposal would have it take over a portion of the space of the former Sears location. That proposal has yet to be approved by the town. Will the intention to allow gambling to their customers affect the approval by Freehold's planning board? Does the state of New Jersey require a license to have local locations take part? As I said earlier: Time will tell.

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