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There’s no denying that the “Flying V” is one of the most legendary guitars in heavy metal and rock and metal. Now, there’s a new documentary dedicated to the famed instrument.

“Flying V! — The Metal Guitar of the Gods” is slated to feature Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), James Hetfield (Metallica), Kerry King (Slayer), Michael Schenker (ex-Scorpions, ex-UFO, MSG), Michael Denner, Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate), Wolf Hoffmann (Accept), K.K. Downing (ex-Judas Priest), Mathias Jabs (Scorpions), Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest), Andy Sneap (Judas Priest), Brian Tatler (Diamond Head), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash), and Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, ex-Carcass).

As if that isn’t enough star power, the film is directed by Peter Hansen and produced by ex-Mercyful Fate and ex-King Diamond guitarist Michael Denner.

“Whenever I saw the Flying V onstage I knew it was going to be a killer show — I love photographing the V,” rock photographer Mark Weiss said in a statement. “How could you not? It screams ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! It has a presence all to its own. If I were to rate the Flying V, in the words of [Spinal] Tap, I would give it an eleven — one louder!”

The film will arrive as part of the Inside Metal documentary series on Sept. 11. Watch the full trailer below.

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