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Zoltan Bathory is keeping busy while Five Finger Death Punch, like every other band, is sidelined from touring due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The guitarist told Metal Hammer in a new interview he’s “working on a Five Finger Death Punch movie.” Bathory doesn’t detail what kind of movie he’s making, but he does list a staggering list of other projects he’s working on with his downtime from the road.

Bathory says, “We just built a Death Punch app, which is in the final testing phase, we’re working on video treatments for the next couple of singles…I’m also designing props for whenever we can tour again, designing new Death Punch merch, new signature guitars, training Jiu-Jitsu and renovating a castle which is a fun side-project.”

But wait! There’s MORE!

“And besides navigating the Five Finger Death Punch battleship, I also co-manage Bad Wolves and Fire From The Gods, so I’m pretty busy. Oh, and the Illuminati won’t run itself either, so…”

That last one may be a joke, but would anyone be really shocked if Bathory was part of the Illuminati considering everything he does? Truthfully, it makes so much sense!

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