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Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho are still battling it out on social media after engaging in quite the epic back-and-forth last week.

After Bach accused him of using backing tracks while performing live, Jericho took to his weekly Facebook/YouTube livestream series “Saturday Night Special” and sang Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” which he referred to as one of his “all time favorite tunes.”

Bach would later share in a since-deleted tweet, “What does someone have to do to get a response out of the most amazing singer of all time @IAmJericho? I have been trying to get a response from this vocalist who is so much better than I am, just ask him he will tell you?”

Included in the tweet was a screenshot of text messages sent to Jericho by Bach, all of which went unanswered. Bach’s messages included the following:

-“Hey man do you ever suck! Nice video online what a complete joke”
-“You are one complete talentless f***. Get your own s*** and quit copying mine. Badly.”
-“Your singing sucks. You should stop singing for the benefit of all mankind.”
-“Is this still your number pussy? I accept your challenge to a singing match if you accept my challenge to a whopping your f***** ass match.”
-“Believe me it won’t e much of a match unless you bring like a phonebook to stand on or something you fuckin’ pussy.”
-“You are such a joke I can’t wait to kick the s*** out of you just for fun.”
-“Hey shrimp why don’t you text me back you f***** a******?”

So, yeah…this Bach vs. Jericho battle is far from over from the looks of it.

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