Check This Out…

Among the celebrity-packed Super Bowl commercials that you’ll see this Sunday is one 30- second clip that will melt your heart, if you love dogs.

David MacNeil, the CEO of WeatherTech (the company that creates customized car floor mats, among other car accessories) paid for a Super Bowl commercial to promote the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.

It’s a very expensive way to say “thank you,” but that what he’s doing: his 7-year old golden retriever Scout had a grim cancer diagnosis (with a life expectancy of one month), but MacNeil took him to the University of Wisconsin at Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine, where the veterinarians used an aggressive treatment, which worked: within two months, Scout’s heart tumor shrank by 90%. (Interestingly, the Washington Post reports that Scout’s appearance in the commercial marks his fourth Super Bowl commercial appearance).

The commercial tells Scout’s story in 30 seconds and then ends with a call to donate to the school, which you can do here. Watch the commercial below.