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Radiohead Clock Longest Concert in 11 Years At Controversial Isreal Show

After a great deal of controversy -- including an acrimonious back-and-forth between frontman Thom Yorke and Pink Floyd veteran Roger Waters -- Radiohead played its Israeli concert on Wednesday (July 19) in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park.

Addressing the crowd, Yorke said that, "A lot of stuff has been said about this, but in the end we play some music." The 27-song show -- featuring hits such as "Creep," "The Bends," "Karma Police, "Paranoid Android" and more -- was Radiohead's longest performance in 11 years and the second-longest concert of the British band's career.

Radiohead is currently off the road with no other concerts scheduled, though the group has said it's planning "a little tour" for 2018.

Karma Police - Radiohead, 19.7.2017, Tel Aviv

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