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Writing a college essay is a chance for a student to tell their school of their dreams who they are as a person. Needless to say, this can be a tough task for any seasoned writer. One student, Caroline Williams, did not think of this as a daunting task and decided to have fun with her college essay.

Williams lives in Brentwood, Tennessee, and recently received an acceptance letter from Yale University. Her college essay impressed the university’s admissions team. The best part? Well, the whole essay was about her love for ordering Papa John’s pizza.

In the 200-words-or-less prompt, she was asked to “write about something that you love to do.” Instead of taking this question seriously like other application would do, Williams became rather creative. In the prompt she writes that the “…[O]ne thing I love to do is order pizza and have it delivered to my house. When the delivery person rings my doorbell, I instantly morph into one of Pavlov’s dogs, salivating to the sound that signals the arrival of the cheesy, circular glory.”

Williams goes on to writes that “It smells like celebration, as I love to rejoice a happy occasion by calling Papa John’s for my favorite food.”

The admissions team responded to her hilarious writing and said “As a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then order pizza) after reading your application. Yale would be lucky to have you.”

Mashable reports that, even though Caroline was excited to hear the news from Yale, she will not be attending the university in the fall. Instead, she has decided on Auburn University. Even though she did not take the offer, Williams still has a hilarious “fun fact” that no one is sure to beat.

Fingers crossed there is a Papa John’s close to Auburn.


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