Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Apple cider donuts….yummmmm! Soft, pillowy, and oh so delightful. From the beginning of Autumn until the time Christmas arrives, people talk about these sweet tender gems as if they could not live without them.

Most of us have had them at least once. I don’t recall ever having them before I lived in New Jersey. I think I may have had them in upstate New York back in the 80’s, but my memory is vague on the subject. If I did have them, you would think I would remember clearly wrapping my lips around this sweet handheld treat. Maybe it just wasn’t a memorable experience.

I do however remember my very first apple cider donut here in New Jersey back in the late 1990’s. It was a Delicious Orchards apple cider donut, with a cup of warm cider also from Delicious Orchards during the Fall months.

I also remember a listener dropping off a couple packages of apple cider donuts to the radio station, along with a huge container of mulled cider she made in her crockpot. We added rum to the cider after she left. That’s just how we roll, always looking to up the cider game.

I once met someone from out of state who didn’t like apple cider donuts. She said, “I don’t understand why people go ape s**t over these things.” They are nothing more than dry plain donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar.” She may not have had them from some of the “go to” places here in New Jersey.

If I’m not enjoying an apple cider donut with mulled cider, I am enjoying it with a hot cup of tea, or a cold glass of milk.
There is only one thing better than eating an apple cider donut. Eating a warm, just out of the fryer or oven, apple cider donut. I know lots of places fry their donuts, but oven baked donuts are good too.
I’m sure with enough research I can formulate a recipe for these seasonal sweet treats.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few places on or near the Jersey Shore who sell delicious apple cider donuts.

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