RAT Rock News

Labor Day: The last hurrah of summer and the universal salute to the workforce. Whatever you’re doing for the holiday, do yourself a favor and blare at least one of these five tracks.

  • Skid Row – “Slave to the Grind”

    Skid Row’s debut gets a lot of attention, but their sophomore effort and its title track is killer and deserves more due from rockers everywhere.

  • The Ramones – “It’s Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)”

    Honestly, just this video alone is reason enough to include this track on the list.

  • The Clash – “Career Opportunities”

    Probably the most scathing song about the workforce ever. We’d expect nothing less from the only band that matters.

  • Rush – “Working Man”

    Come for the rousing track; stay for Alex Lifeson’s awesome solo.

  • Green Day – “Working Class Hero”

    It’s gutsy for anyone to cover John Lennon, but Green Day nailed this cover.