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Jocks With Crocks: Meatless Chili with The Minister

I went meatless about 4 months ago and I'm a southern boy who loves his croc pot chili, so I had to give a meatless version a try You will need the following x2 Cans of Chill Beans (Do Not Drain) x1 Can Of Pinto Beans (Drain) x1 Can Of Organic Bean Trio (Kidney,Pinto,Black Beans) (Drain) x1 Pound Of Your Favorite Plant Based Meat  X1 can Of "Rotel" Diced Tomatoes & Onions  X1 Packet Of Taco Season You will also need some "Yellow Mustard & Djon Mustard & Worcestershire Sauce Put your crock pot on low and add all of your beans, diced tomatoes, etc. While you are browning your plant-based ground meat, add your taco season to the ground beef at the very end of browning your plant-based ground meat Once you have everything in your crock pot, give it a few good squirts of both of your mustards. And lastly, give it a good tablespoon or two of your Worcestershire sauce.  Stir really well and put your lid on. Stir about every 45 minutes over about a 3 to 4-hour period on low. You're Good To go and can add a sprinkle of cheese and sour cream if you like when ready to serve. Enjoy the meatless chili! [video width="544" height="960" mp4=""][/video] DON'T MISS: CROCKPOT BBQ CHICKEN WITH ROBYN LANE

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