Check Out These Photos A Rat Listener Took Of U2 Inside The Vegas Sphere

One of the best parts of being on air for 27 years at WRAT is passion of the Rat Rock Nation. Long time Rat Rocker, Carole Owen has been sharing photos with us for years. From Yankee Spring Training games, to playoff series. Shinedown and Godsmack shows, to music festivals she's been to. Carole always takes the time to email us some great shots, whether she won the seats from us or not. Recently, Carole and her husband traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to be part of the experience the entire country has been talking about: The Vegas Sphere. However the couple was not there just to ogle at the 18 thousand plus seat one of a kind arena, just east of the Vegas Strip, in Paradise, Nevada. Obviously, they were going to see a show, and let's just say it wasn't Wayne Friggin' Newton!       Achtung Baby! The Owens secured tickets to the hottest residency on the planet when the got tickets to see none other than U2 at the Sphere! Additionally,  you may have read in Rat Rock News, U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere has an unprecedented residency. It began on September 29th, running through December 16th. During this span, U2 will be performing a total of 25 incredible shows. Meanwhile, these are the first official performances inside the Sphere, with the band highlighting their 1991 masterpiece "Achtung Baby". Furthermore, according to a residency press release, the shows are leveraging the venue's immersive video and sound capabilities. Including a 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen, speakers with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies. As well as 4D physical effects. Do we know exactly what all that means? Hell no. However, we do know what it translates to: A kick ass U2 show seen and heard like never before! Lastly, while the photos may not totally capture the experience Carole and her husband had, it is pretty cool to see her experience for ourselves. Here are the photos from U2 at the Sphere, October 5th. Find out more about the Vegas Sphere and U2's residency here:       [gallery ids="933904,933934,933931,933928,933925,933919,933916,933913,933910,933907"]